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NU2U Street Dance fund raiser for the Wyo Theatre Sept. 10

On September 10, the NU2U Street Dance and Costume Party will be held at 320 S. 5th St. to raise money to “Revive the Wyo Theater,” according to posters around town and a Facebook page linked below.

This event is sponsored by Altitude, Bonds Brewing, The Library and Coal Creek brewpubs. The event (10th annual NU2U Street Dance and Costume Party) runs from 5-11 p.m., according to the poster, while the Facebook page lists the event from 4-10, but the closing time, at least, is approximate, at this time.

Below is text copied from This Facebook Page about the event:

“This is the 10th Annual Street Dance and Costume Party
Open to All Ages, Donations Appreciated
Music brought to you by:
Mama Lenny and the Remedy
The Pattie Fiasco
BendeRubel sound will be blowing the block away! We have partnered with the Laramie Main Street Alliance to make this year's event a fund raiser for the Revive the Wyo campaign. Beer proceeds will benefit the the revitalization of the historic Wyo Theater.”

Well, it is a good cause, so The Laramie Film Society will toot the horn for it.

Outdoor movies at the Alibi Pub

The Laramie Film Society, in cooperation with one of its sponsors, The Alibi Pub Wood Fire Pizzaria and Bakery, 404 S 4th St., showed an outdoor movie August 4, 2018 at the outdoor stage in the Alibi Pub's patio area.

The movie was the film noir classic "D.O.A." (1949). There were not too many people there, due to rain which lasted almost up to the time the movie started at 8:30 p.m., but the few hardy souls who stayed seemed to be captivated by this unique film (there was a remake in 1988).

We tried to show another film at the Alibi this year, but we were rained out.

Outdoor film showings gave us a chance to use our big, custom made 8x12 foot movie screen.

To be notified by e-mail of upcoming Laramie Film Society Activities, including film series schedules, subscribe to the Laramie Film Society's e-mail announcement list at!forum/laramie-film-society-announcements.

LFS shows other summer films

The Laramie Film Society has presented three historic silent films, “Easy Street,” “The Goat” and “An Eastern Westerner” outdoors downtown on during Jubilee Days. These films were not shown in 2019 due to an absence of enough volunteers.

“Easy Street,” released in 1917 is one of Charlie Chaplin's early comedy classics. This 19-minute Mutual studio silent film pits the diminutive Chaplin, who plays a policeman, against a huge street thug played by Eric Campbell. Chaplin also wrote and directed this film. Chaplin creates humor from the unlikely subjects of poverty and violence in some mean city streets.

“The Goat” is a classic 1921 comedy. It is about a man (played by the legendary Buster Keaton) who is mistakenly identified as a murderer in newspapers and posters. He desperately dodges the police, and a variety of other pursuers, displaying incredible acrobatic skills and ingenuity. This film was selected by the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences as one of Keaton's two best short films (the other was “The Boat”). Keaton, a legendary movie actor, writer and director, also co-directed and scripted this film with Malcolm St. Clair. Keaton (1895-1966) was one of the true comic geniuses of film, with a brilliant career that spanned decades. His acrobatic physical style of comedy is similar to that of Charlie Chaplain, Harold Lloyd and Jackie Chan.

“The Goat” is the first film purchased by the Laramie Film Society. “Easy Street” was purchased in the summer of 2004. Prior to that we rented all of the films we have shown. By shopping around on the Internet, LFS found a source of 16 millimeter films for a reasonable price. We found we could buy a 16mm print for about the same amount of money it cost to rent one.

“An Eastern Westerner” is a 1920 film starring Harold Lloyd, one of the biggest stars of silent films. The print we bought in 2010 is essentially the second half of this 20-minute film (which is O.K., because it is the funnier half and we got it at half price). The first half of the film takes place in a large city, probably New York. The half of the movie we have takes place in a town in the west populated by bad guys and crooked card sharks. There is also a group of hooded riders who look a lot like the KKK, menacing people in the town. The nimble Lloyd outsmarts the bad guys and gets the girl, of course.

Thanks to the cooperation of Music Box building owner in the past for letting LFS use its north wall as a screen upon which to project a moving picture all those years for this annual event. Thanks to the Cross Country Connection for agreeing to letting us use electricity from the store for the projector all those years, too.

All Laramie Film Society events are sponsored by The Alibi Pub Wood Fire Pizzaria and Bakery, Mizu Sushi restaurant and The Pedal House.

Wyo Theatre news

[Picture of the Wyo Theatre, 309 S. 5th, Laramie]

In late summer, 2019, Laramie's historic Wyo Theatre, 309 S. Fifth St. in Laramie, was donated by its former owner, WyoLaramie LLC, to The Laramie Main Street Alliance, a non-profit corporation. The Laramie Main Street Alliance plans to remodel the historic theater and bring it up to the requirements of the Uniform Building Code so it can be reopened to the public. For more information, read the announcement at the Main Street Alliance's website:

Report on the 501 (c)(3) status of LFS

The IRS has determined that the Laramie Film Society is exempt from federal income tax as described in section 501 (c)(3) of the tax code. The LFS received the determination letter in 2002. For more about this, including the IRS determination letter and IRS rules related to tax free donations to the Laramie Film Society, click on this link to see these documents.

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